Landscapes and other -scapes

“The Land” -These two words excite my spirit and sends my mind’s eye to vast horizons, intimate forest clearings, galaxies of inner being and even current geopolitical questions. I often find that my emotions, outcries and queries find its outlet in imagery. There’s solace in expressing the heart cry, the joy, the confusion, weariness and peace that lies within. This collection includes collage, acrylic and watercolor pieces that express these spirit-emotional states. Some are simply a place of beauty in Hawaii, some are statements about development on our ‘aina (land), there are also places that exist because of a spirit led outpouring, and some are glimpses of the deep place where my soul dwells. Thank you for allowing me share. You are much loved! contact:


2 thoughts on “Landscapes and other -scapes

    1. Mahalo The Scrap Yard, your encouragement is appreciated! May your new year be full of goodness and grace, creativity and opportunities to share your gifts with others! Hau’oli Makahiki hou!


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