Landscapes and other -scapes

“The Land” -These two words excite my spirit and sends my mind’s eye to vast horizons, intimate forest clearings, galaxies of inner being and even current geopolitical questions. I often find that my emotions, outcries and queries find its outlet in imagery. There’s solace in expressing the heart cry, the joy, the confusion, weariness and peace that lies within. This collection includes collage, acrylic and watercolor pieces that express these spirit-emotional states. Some are simply a place of beauty in Hawaii, some are statements about development on our ‘aina (land), there are also places that exist because of a spirit led outpouring, and some are glimpses of the deep place where my soul dwells. Thank you for allowing me share. You are much loved! contact:



imageHorizons.  Is it the end of something or the beginning, or a continuation? Living on an island, I understand that beneath my feet are miles of volcanic rock, pools of filtered aquifers, and molton lava somewhere.  When I dive into the sea that surrounds the island I’m  diving into the seawater that leads down into the depths of the ocean I can never fully explore.  I’ve been fascinated with horizons lately.  I wondered what are some words used to define the word ‘horizon’ anyway?  The website uses, “apparent junction, range of perception or experience, something to be attained, distinct layers”*.  Perception is everything.

horizon 2 I love my home.  I love my family. I’m learning to love well, love better each and every day.  What is it that we build our home upon?  Our abilities, likes, success, dislikes, satisfaction, fun? While they are a part of who we are, there’s got to be a deeper and more intentional focus than those things.  Morality, kindness, love, self discipline, joy, goodness, truth, courage and relational integrity are what fulfills the soul.  To know that we are valued and loved jus’ cuz.   The knowledge that our life is not our own. That those we live with and work with are amazing and unique, even those we disagree with are valued beyond measure. We have so much to learn, so many ways to grow and so very little time. Perhaps that’s the truth we avoid the most. Our life is like a vapor and no one knows the day or the hour we will meet eternity. We have to be willing to strengthen each and every relational moment by keeping a firm footing on a Rock solid foundation.


Horizons aren’t always flat.



Starting with the basics

imageMeditation of Creativity.  Thoughtful Art. In this second half of life, I have discovered that thoughtful art is art that pours out of your spirit onto a surface through color and texture. I’ve learned that when you are not afraid to explore what you don’t know – it is absolutely freeing! This discovery has given back to me a deeper understandings of self and even healing. Be not afraid – rings in my consciousness! When I paint with acrylics and layer textures and color, I am no longer afraid. Nearly all the pieces have an ugly duckling stage.  In the past I would have abandoned these canvases early on. Being afraid they wouldn’t turn out, that others wouldn’t like or understand them.   Patience, receiving and giving grace have often converged to a place of peace and satisfaction in my life. So too with painting. Being patient with the process, giving myself grace and working through difficult stages isn’t so difficult anymore.  Why?  Because I’m taking joy in the laying down of delicious colors and textures.  The process simply becomes the whole point.  My paintings may not look like what I intended and end up tangential to my initial inspiration.  And that’s absolutely fun and inspirational.   I now come to the canvas and paint to experience a meditation of creativity.  The end result is simply a summation of that joy.